Unsuccessful Appropriateness Test

Dear {{contact[forename]}},

Thanks for your interest in {{organisation[label]}}.

As you will know, investing carries risk. Before you can receive promotions and participate in investments on the {{organisation[label]}} platform, we need to assess your knowledge and experience to ensure that you understand the risks associated with them.

To do this, you have to pass an appropriateness test. This is required under FCA regulation and is designed to protect you as an investor, in addition to enabling us to demonstrate our regulatory compliance.

Unfortunately, you answered one/some of the appropriateness questions incorrectly and therefore {{organisation[label]}} is currently not able to grant you access to the platform.

If you wish, you may revisit the appropriateness test following a 24hour cool-down period, and a link will be sent to you once the period has elapsed. {{organisation[label]}} will be able to grant access if you successfully pass.

You will receive a notification following the defined cooling-off period with a link to revisit the appropriateness test.

Delio, the platform provider, and Deepbridge are FCA authorised and regulated, we’re sharing this notice as part of our regulatory obligations in providing our services.

Many thanks,