Product Introduction

The Use Of Fiberglass Silicone Sleeve:

Using the fiberglass silicone sleeve to protect wires and cables, provide performance such as insulation resistance, high-temperature resistance, and self-extinguishing properties. The fiberglass silicone sleeve is made of alkali-free glass fiber yarn braiding into a tube greige and coating with silicon resin by high temperature. Widely used in H-class motors or N-class motors, household appliances, electric heating equipment, special lamps, internal wiring harnesses of TVs and electronic instruments, etc.

Features of Fiberglass Silicone Sleeve

Coating Material of Fiberglass Silicone Sleeve:

Good Gi’s fiberglass Sleeving is all made of silicone coating, which is formed by braiding alkali-free glass fiber yarn into a tube greige and coating the surface with silicone resin by high-temperature treatment. The standard colors of fiberglass silicone sleeves are black and white and we have excellent abrasion and high-temperature protection. We also have UL, CSA, REACH, RoHs and other international third-party certifications.

How to choose the suitable size for fiberglass silicone sleeve?

  1. Measuring the diameter of the bundle of cables you plan to cover.

  2. The covering diameter should be smaller than the inner diameter on the specification sheet.