Words and more words

A new sequence of words.
Even more words

Lower and bold words!
Even lower and bold AND italicized words!!

No longer red

A Subheading: How cool is that.

Words under a heading with no added space.
I can't believe I didn't add space!

A cool sword I definitely need

List Time

  1. Item one
    • Item One Point Two
  2. Item Two
    1. Item Two Point Four-Six-Three
  1. Item 3hree
  2. Item 4
Before second
After first

List Time is Complete

Indented text
Still indented
No more indent

Small text Big text Superscript Subscript Line in text Underline Funny Font

 Monospace          font                    Can make lists or tables

Caution to use American spelling

Calibri Large Papyrus

That's how fonts work

A different html page

My email

Next line