Website Color Scheme

A website color scheme is the collection of colors that a designer chooses for their website design. Also known as color palettes, color schemes can include as few or as many colors as the designer sees fit. Each color can be used for a variety of elements throughout the website, meaning the same color may be used for different types of components.

Color palettes are generally divided into two sets of colors: primary and secondary. The primary colors are generally the more dominant colors in the site, accounting for background colors, logo colors, menu colors, etc., and secondary colors are often used as accent colors. Very often, you'll also see that a color palette will include several shades of the same color, which gives the website a varied yet consistent feeling throughout its design.

Page Color Headings Page Text Color Table Background Table Header Background Table Borders Table Text Color
#ffde0a #4517a1 #7d1717 #400152 #b02342 #257d0c #c21ce3