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We are truly thankful for your sign-up and would like to officially welcome you to KMAX. We offer a vary trading experience across a wide range of financial products, including stocks to currency pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptos, in the field of Binary Options, CFD tradings.

You can find 2C & 2S competitive advantages here in Kmax:

1) Credibility!

KMAX is regulated by the FMA in New Zealand, FSP Number FSP1002811.All transactions and events on KMAX will be monitored by New Zealand government. A fair and reliable platform to all users.


2) Convenience!

Users are able to complete trades in your leisure time under one minute. KMAX provides a stable 7X24 trading platform, back up with professional support teams to resolve any prompt issues.


3) Security!

KMAX provides a famous and high-security payment gateway (Help2pay) to proceed every deposit and withdrawal transaction.To ensure all users trade at ease.


4) Stability!

KMAX is a transparent platform.All data and price of assets are simultaneous with international market and finance platform.

-The market data vendor of Kmax binary option(simple trade) and CFD are quoted by Match prime and Finage, with the most updated, accurate quotation.-

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