📙 Rewards: Limited Edition Galaxy OAT for the participants & 10 Lucky audiences will have 1 Guild W Diamond Contribution Value

🪞 Galaxy OAT: Galaxy OAT aims to be a light-weight solution for event organizers and community managers to utilize Project Galaxy’s NFT infrastructure and on-chain credential data network to build and distribute NFT badge campaigns easily and reward their community members. To put it simple, Galaxy OATs (on-chain achievement tokens) are a digital record of all your life's achievements.

🪞 Diamonds Contribution value: (1) Even if you are a Guild W Discord member who just joined, you can participate in any guild activities to collect diamonds, such as Play Together, Metaverse Trip and some other activities marked with rewarding diamonds. (2) Collecting enough diamonds  will help you pass the [Beginner] character application quickly. (3) Diamonds can be used to redeem the blockchain game rewards. You can find more details on Guild W Discord

⏱️ Participation time: May 6 at 12:00 UTC and will end on May 7 at 13:00 UTC.

💬 Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/xAGQgbrE