Hi all,
We are happy to announce that we are opening sign-ups for 2023 employee health checkup.
Please follow the steps below to book an appointment.

Health Check Appointment step-by-step:
  1. Choose a Health Checkup Center.
  2. Make an appointment by phone or mail.
  3. Fill in Health Examination Authorization Form and report form.
Please make your appointment before 6/30, and go for your health check before 8/31, thank you.

Information about the Health Check:
  1. Health check-up time: first time for the first year, and every subsequent two years.
  2. Charge:
    The company will cover up to TWD 3000. You can choose a suitable health check plan for yourself.
    If the fee exceeds TWD 3000, Gogoro will not cover the excess and it will be payable at the clinic.
  3. Appointed Health Center
  4. Checking Items and charges
  5. Families and dependents of employees can also enjoy the special health exam prices offered by the participating health clinics to Gogoro employees.
    Simply make an appointment on your family member and inform the health clinic that they are eligible for the Gogoro employee pricing.
    Note that all clinic fees should be paid on the day of the health examination.
  6. Please bring your ID card or Passport and Health Insurance Card to the Health Center reception.
  7. Please inform the optional fee when you reserve the time of the Health Check and pay on-site on the Health Check day.
  8. Health Check Leave: 4hrs, please go to the leave system to complete the health check leave application procedures.
    Applying for Health Check Leave needs to upload attachment for approval (Ex. Annual Health Examination notification letter).
  9. Revenue recognition: the subsidies of Health Check will be included in the annual salary by the actual date of payment request.
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