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Behind The Cover 封面背後的故事

Artist/Creator Interview 藝術家/創作者專訪


Q1. Tell us about yourself as an artist/creator. 請向我們簡要介绍一下您作為一位藝術家/創作者的背景和經歷。

嗨,我叫 Chian,來自台灣。自小就對繪畫充滿熱情,在學校時期主修與藝術與設計相關的科目。
Hi, my name is Chian, and I come from Taiwan.I have been passionate about drawing since I was young,
and during my school years,I studied subjects related to art and design.

關於Delly Have A Cat的開始,是一個成長的過程所留下的禮物。
The inception of 'Delly Have A Cat' was a result of my personal growth journey. In 2019,
my life took a turning point, and I was feeling very low at that time. However,
with the help of my faith, I gradually emerged from that state.

Later, my partner encouraged me to do something that brings joy to myself while working in a full-time job. Thus, I began entering the field of illustration,
using our family cat as the main character, with the hope of bringing healing and joy to people through its cute image.

However, I am also very passionate about art creation and design. Apart from cat illustrations, I sometimes work on creating some fantasy art.
I truly love art and design as they make our lives more beautiful, and I enjoy being able to evoke different emotions in others through my creations every day.

Art has enriched my life in so many ways, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my creations with others.
I believe that art can touch people's hearts and bring positivity to the world.
I hope to bring a smile to people's faces and create a little corner of happiness in their lives.


Q2. What inspired your cover design for Mossery? 是什麼啟發了你的這個封面設計?

At the beginning, I pondered what kind of creation could bring people a sense of excitement for the whole year.
I thought about it for a long, long time.Suddenly, the idea of a joyful circus amusement park came to me.
I have always believed that the circus amusement park is a place that can bring people a lot of joy and dreams.

There, you can always witness spectacular performances, and everyone shines as brightly as flowers,
looking beautiful and dazzling. People there always wear smiles on their faces.
Therefore, I decided to use this as the theme to create something that gives people a feeling of magical power and hope for the new year.


Q3. Describe your artistic style and influences. 請描述一下您的藝術風格和受到影響的因素。

The overall background is primarily composed of darker colors, while the protagonist is illustrated in brighter colors, creating a strong contrast.

對於擁有這本手帳的人來說,就像是一位華麗的主角站在舞台上,在手帳的頁面裡 創造並記錄著他們美好而奇幻的日子。
For those who possess this journal, it's like being a magnificent protagonist standing on a stage, creating and recording their fantastic and beautiful days within the pages of the journal.

The flowers on the surrounding and back cover symbolize how the owner of the journal is like a vibrant and beautiful red flower, continuously blooming brightly.

在書背的部分,星星被設計在上下兩端,中間寫著「Create your fantastic life moments」的詞語。
On the spine, stars are designed on the top and bottom, with the phrase "Create your fantastic life moments" written in the middle.
Just like stars, they watch over each individual and together, create wonderful lives.


Q4. What was your creative process for this design? 請分享一下您這個設計的創作過程。

Just like the second question, it conveys a sense of a fantastic and wonderful year ahead.


Q5. Did you face any challenges during the creation? How did you overcome them? 在創作過程中是否遇到了任何挑戰?如果有的话,你是如何克服它們的?



Q6. Are there specific themes or messages you wanted to convey through the cover? 你希望通過這個封面傳達哪些信息?



Q7. What is creativity mean to you? 創意對你而言是什麼



Q8. What emotions do you hope people feel when they see your cover? 您期待別人看到你的封面時,它會帶給人們什麼樣的情緒?



Q9. What advice do you have for aspiring artists or creators who want to make their mark in the industry? 對於那些初入行的藝術家或創作者,你有什麼建議?