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班级名称: 会议ID: 日期: 最早到达: 开始: 结束: 持续时间:

Attendance Summary Legend:

This report summarizes data for the following class(es): ``.

The student was present for some or all of the class. The green bar in the field shows the approximate arrival time and length of stay. A gap between two (or more) green bars within a class indicates that the student joined, left and then rejoined again.

The student missed the entire lesson

The widths of the columns shows the approximate length of the Meet relative to the others

NB - 如果要打印此报告,请确保在“打印”对话框中选中“更多设置”→“背景图形”复选框。

Daily Attendance Legend:

The student was present then exited, rejoined, then exited again, and rejoined again, etc., etc.

The alternating background patterns indicate that the student may have left and rejoined the Meet

The student was marked present by the teacher (but did not shown up in the Meet window)

The student missed the entire class

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To help your eye follow across the page, the table rows alternate between white and grey backgrounds which leads to two subtly different shades of green for the times when the student was present

NB - 如果要打印此报告,请确保在“打印”对话框中选中“更多设置”→“背景图形”复选框。

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