Let your voice be heard around the world.

Devoted to "microphone miniaturization"! Merry Electronics develops and manufactures high performance MEMS microphones to build quality voice communication and entertainment products.

High Performance MEMS Mic

Merry Electronics is MEMS microphone manufacturer with independent R&D capacity. With years of electro-acoustics manufacturing experience, we provide products with a wide range of specifications for mobile devices emphasizing slim and lightweight designs and high pickup quality.

Barometric Pressure Sensors

Merry provides multiple slim and water proof pressure sensors. Moreover, Merry's sensor combo family combines pressure and microphone in one package.

Directional Mic and Mic Module Solutions

Merry manufactures Omni-/Uni-/Bi directional ECM for decades. With  latest technology, not only ECM can be directional, Merry has launched directional MEMS mic solutions.

Mic for ANC and TWS applications

Merry as a world leading acoustic supplier, provides a series of low frequency roll off, strict phase control, high SNR, high AOP micorphones for ANC and TWS application.
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