Breaking Bad

there once was a man named walter white it wasnt until one day on a sunny afternoon when school was out mr white decided to do drugs and he found a passion for it so instead of doing drugs he made them for a man named jesse pinkman jesse made it succesful in life during the journey of breaking bad walter white later changed his name to heisenberg so drug deaers and other people wouldnt find out along the way he made many friends he bought rv,houses and warehouses to store the drug chemical many people feared him but not gustavo fring gustavo never feared anyone but himself he was an up and coming resturant owner of the Los pollos hermanos not everyone has a good side the show breking bad has made thousands and hundred thousands even in the millions till this day people still watch it including me! the show is known for many memes on tiktok like the greenscreen memes and the "Jesse we need to cook" that line is famous around the worldeven otside the US breaking bad includes a chemical teacher a drug head and a resturant owner who always like making money and a man that makes drugs but never does them and has a large family background walter white aka Heisenberg has family problems with his brother being in the Dea and his wife stalking him and reporting him to the DEA and not once has he put his family in danger hesinberg has put them in dnger 2-3 times

Jesse Pinkman

Walter White

Walter Jr

I didnt include other names problay because it was going to be spaced out but i hopes you like reading my story and describing the famous show Breaking bad!