Artificial Spider Silk

Advantages of artificial spider silk:

  1. Artificial spider silk is mostly made of natural resources. Three things that are in it are cellulose, water, and silicon.
  2. For physical properties artificial spider silk is made to be very strong, very stretchy, and thin. It is supposed to resemble spider silk, except big enough to be useful to us. It mostly has glycine and alanine, but only some tryptophan, for chemical properties.
  3. Artificial spider silk is often used in medicine, artificial ligaments, cell scaffolds in tissue, and surgical sutures. It also can be used in bulletproof vests, rain coats, ropes, and parachutes.
  4. Society can use artificial spider silk in many different ways. It can be used to make bulletproof vests and parachute cord for military and police. It is useful for medical reasons and can be used for bandages, and it can be made into extravagant clothing. It could also be used to make violin strings.