As a young kid, I had always told that young people like us can change the world and the future for the better. I knew that learning new things isn’t that easy, and I take that seriously. I had always wanted to be a success to prove to myself that I am capable to achieve anything. In my earlier elementary years, some thought I was never capable of achieving simple things. I would sometimes get D’s and F’s on simple individual reading comprehension assignments on fictional stories with only several words a page. I could never focus on myself, and I would always be distracted by my surroundings, or I would distract another person. Most teachers underestimated me and thought that I was a below-average kid, and they placed me in the IEP. Throughout elementary school, I started to see how teachers would take me out of the classroom for every single test. Some teachers would never let me do my independent work. They would place my backpack, label my folders, and would never let me do simple things myself. Over the years, I decided to prove to them that I was capable by bringing my grades up and acting more maturely. They started to compliment me on my great success. Now I am very successful and almost have all A pluses in the grade book most of the time and I am even out of the IEP now! I am so great at academics that I am ranked 9 in the 9th grade, however, this is a little unofficial because there are so much left of high school to go! My personal story shows the confidence that I have and how I can prove to myself that I can achieve great things. I want to continue my awesome effort to achieve academic excellence in your program. There are many reasons I am applying to PFF. First of all, I am willing to attend a great college and I am planning to get a high degree. I have amazing grades, usually A’s or A pluses, but they only go low sometimes because of group assignments and assignments that I find hard to do once in a while. Other than that, I am a very conscientious student that is willing to become a first-generation bachelor’s degree holder in my family. The second reason that I am a great candidate for the team is that I am very interested in the Computer Science field, and I want to go to Virginia Tech, VCU, or UVA. Some of these universities are the partners of your great program, which can allow me to possibly see these spectacular campuses! Another reason why I believe I am a great candidate is that I have a lot of talent! I like to construct chain reactions using dominoes and I topple them down. This is very satisfying to see! I also can computer code an HTML, CSS, and JS website! I have my very own personal website. This has all the video games I created on my own using block coding in a school course. Please check the links below my essay to learn more. The fourth reason that I believe I am great for PFF is that I joined a variety of clubs during my middle and high school years, and I try my best to do extracurricular activities, something that you might be looking forward to! Before you finish reading, I just want to tell you more facts about myself. First, I am done a lot of community service during my middle and high school years. Ismaili CIVIC is a global group that provides community service around the world. In Virginia, we have done many events where we have been serving our community. Helping out at the Richmond Folk Festival was one of our spectacular memories. We helped raise a lot of money for the Richmond Folk Festival so that it can continue to amaze people with lots of pleasure. I also remember picking up trash around the area, it was a different experience! At Woodland Cemetary, we helped out by cleaning weeds around graves, and I also helped to remove broken trees and logs from the site. I am happy and I am ready to enjoy nature and do more events like this! I have always had a passion for singing and I always was happy to sing in music class. In fifth grade, I decided to audition for a play called “Snow Biz” in fifth grade. I was selected and I decided to sing that solo, it would be the first time I would get a singing part in a play in elementary school. Several months later, my teacher selected me for All-County Elementary Chorus. Four fifth-grade students were selected from every elementary school in Henrico County. I was selected to represent Springfield Park Elementary School along with 3 other people. My music teacher said that we have music passion and that is why she selected each of us. We performed at Hermitage High School along with all the other students selected. We had a great time and that was an opportunity that I would never forget. We also sang the national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner” during field day to have a great start to the fantastic times we would have. Lastly, we were able to come in the yearbook as a group photo labeled “All-County Chorus.” I would also like to tell you that I am interested in applying for many scholarships. I have only applied for one so far, which is the Cirkled In $2,500 No-Sweat Scholarship, but I am planning to apply to more. In conclusion, I am a well-rounded student, and I am very happy that I received the opportunity to apply to such a great program. Thank you very much. Oh, please don’t forget to check the links at the bottom.