Bookmarklets Collection

Just drag & Drop the blue bookmarklet(s) of your choice to your bookmarks bar.

Media & Multimedia Bookmarklets
💀 Paywall Killer Get around most if not all paywalls.
Read your favorite online magazines and newspapers for free.
🔎♪Music♬ Find music on the internet with this bookmarklet.
Search for directories of music online from any page.
🎥 Movie Search Find movies online
Search for directories of movies online from any page.
🎥 Find IMDB MovieFind a movie on the site
Then click this bookmarklet to find it on the web!
YouTubeDownLoadDownload YouTube Video
Download videos from YouTube with this bookmarklet.
▽ YouTube2MP3Grab an MP3 music file from a YouTube video.
🔎 📖eBook Search This will search for books across the Internet via a Google script.
Generic book search using Google.
📖 Amazon Book FinderThis bookmarklet will find a book you selected on online for free!
Go to the page of any book on Amazon, then click this bookmarklet!
🔗 Open TuneIn URLGrab the URL from any TuneIn station and open it in a new window.
🗄 WaybackMachineFind an archived version of the page you are on. (Pre paywall?)
Can't find that page? Did they put up a paywall? Try the Wayback Machine...
📂 Google CacheFind a cached version of the current page.
Looking for a cached version of a page? Try this.
Archive PageCreates an archive of the current page.
Often, this may get you around a paywall.
Outline PageOutlines the page by removing all ads and decoration.
Outline eliminates much of the styling & ads and shows an article's outline
TwitterReferTwitter Referrer
Enter a site via Twitter. (Paywall avoidance tactic)
FB→Reload the page via a Facebook referrer.
This enters the page via Facebook; which may circumvent a paywall
WSJ3 Ways to open the WSJ
Choose how to circumvent the paywall at the WSJ
WSJ→TwitterOpen the Wall Street Journal via Twitter Referrer
Opens the WSJ by going through twitter after clearing all cookies and cache.
Read Online Free (More Paywall Circumvention tweaks)
Paywall Penetration TesterTool for testing Paywalls
Find a way around Paywalls with this tool.
CookieKillerThe best cookie remover there is.
Expires all site cookies.
🍪Clear Cookies Clear site cookies from your browser.
Many paywalls work with time-stamped cookies - this will fix those.
✂Clear CacheClears your cache.
This also helps with memory-hog and/or crash prone WebApps.
🔎𝔾 Google QuerySearches Google for a way around a paywall.
Entering via a Google search will sometimes work.
🔑ArchiveSending a URL to an Internet Archive will often generate a readable version.
Amazon Bookmarklets
Amazon Book Finder Find a free copy of an Amazon book in online libraries.
Scans online libraries - sometimes there is a free or library version you can borrow.
AmazonFree2 Alternative search for a book.
Checks to see if there's a free version
Amazon PriceCheckerCheck to see if you are getting the best price on Amazon.
Opens in a new tab with price history & comparisons.
✓ eBayCheck eBay for an alternative.
Found it on Amazon? Great, now check eBay with a click!
✓ GoogleSee if you can find a better price on Google Shopping
Can you find a better price on Google? - click while on the Amazon page.
Browsing Bookmarklets
🍪Cookies? Did the site you're on give you cookies?
If so, it will show them to you in an alert.
🍪Cookies?Does the same as the script above, but shows the cookies in an iFrame
This will let you copy and paste the cookies - you cannot do this with an alert!
PageZipper Stitches together those annoying "Click to read more" sites
that require some 20+ clicks to get to the point.
Zap History Zaps your page history.
Google Cache Check Google's cache for a copy of the current page.
Kill Sticky Kill that annoying sticky bar at the top/bottom/side of page.
Kill Signup/Adblock Using Adblock? Kills the nag modal.
ToggleCSSToggle CSS on or off.
YouTubeDownLoad Download a YouTube Video
YouTube2MP3 Grab the MP3 of a YouTube video
YouTube Save a Frame Save a frame from a YouTube video
QR Code Generate a QR code for the current page
Scroll2Bottom Scroll to bottom of page
Long page of text? Instantly go to the bottom (footer)
Get Long URL Get the long URL from a short url without clicking it.
TuneIn MP3 Grab Grab the MP3 from a TuneIn radio station
Googlebot Referrer Spoof Visit as a Googlebot
QuoraCleanerCleans up
You can surf Quora in 'stealth' mode. Kills sticky, removes images.
Sort TablesMakes tables on any page sortable.
Will add arrows at the top of all tables to sort by ascending or descending
Reddit Tools
Reddit ToolkitDropdown menu for Reddit with cool tools!
Bulk UpVote/Downvote, switch from old to new Reddit, Stealth mode, etc.
𝔒𝔩𝔡𝔢Switch to Old Reddit. This enables mass voting and other tweaks.
Upvote ALL in the current sub.
This only works in OLD REDDIT
Downvote ALL on the current page (subs only).
This only works in OLD REDDIT!
Stealth RedditStealth mode reddit, removes most styles (for surfing at work)
The best stealth mode. ONLY for Old Reddit. Use the toggle or switch bookmarklet.
Coder RedditCoder Reddit puts green text on a black background. Looks like you are working on code!
Shrinks title and removes flairs and thumbnails for surfing Reddit at work! (OLD Reddit Only!)
Clean Old RedditAn older script to clean up old Reddit.
Stealth Reddit or Coder Reddit above are better, more robust scripts!
Cleanup New RedditCleans up new Reddit
Not as stealthy as Stealth Mode in Old Reddit.
Toggles to old reddit and back to New Reddit.
Cleanup All Reddit This cleans up the look of both old and new Reddit for a quick stealth mode.
This works in OLD REDDIT AND New Reddit!
PostToRedditPosts the page you're on to Reddit.
You simply need to select which sub you want it to post to.
Download Reddit VideoDownload a video from Reddit.
Go to the page with the video, then click to download it from Reddit!
RedVidGrabDirect Video Download from Reddit Video
Old or New Reddit. Uses jQuery to grab URL - right click to download!
getUsersShows a popup with all of the users in a sub.
Generates a sorted, hyperlinked list with all duplicates removed.
Messaging/Email Bookmarklets
Gmail→SMSSends selected text via Gmail→SMS text message to any US mobile telephone
Highlight some text, click. Opens Gmail and sends the text + Title + URL
GmailThisSelect some text and then click this bookmarklet.
Gmail will open, the contents of your clipboard along with the URL will be pasted inside
T-TextSend your selection and the URL to any T-Mobile phone (Via Gmail).
Select some text, then click. Enter the T-Mobile number and it sends an SMS.
ATT-MMSSend your selection and the URL to any AT&T mobile phone (Via Gmail).
Select some text, then click. Enter the T-Mobile number and it sends an SMS.
Text2VerizonSend a text message from your computer to a Verizon phone.
Send your selected text & the URL where you found it to a Verizon phone. (Via Gmail)
Text2SprintSend a text message from your computer to a Sprint phone.
Send your selected text & the URL where you found it to a Sprint PCS phone. (Via Gmail)
MMS2ATTSend an MMS to an AT&T phone via your email client (Not with Gmail)
2TMSend your selected text & URL to a T-Mobile phone (via mail client - not Gmail)
Select some text on a page (128 characters) and text it!
Domain/Server Bookmarklets Do a quick "WhoIs" search for domain owners.
Want to find out who owns a domain? Click on this! Do a "WhoIs" search for domain owners via GoDaddy.
Want to find out who owns a domain? Godaddy will help.
DNSpropagation Instantly perform a DNS lookup to check a domain names current IP address and DNS
record information against multiple name servers located in different parts of the world.
YSlow Why is this page slow?
Page Speed Insights Benchmark the page you are on for its loading speed.
Speed check for webpages!
GTmetrix Get a wide variety of performance metrics for any webpage.
Not just speed, but all sorts of technical parameters at a single click!
PageXray Quickly learn about technologies used on a website.
Similar to BuiltWith and Wappalyzer - see below...
BuiltWith Clicking this will tell you exactly what a website was built with.
Learn the full technology stack and component list.
Wappalyzer Like BuiltWith above, Wappalyzer will tell you exactly what a website was built with.
Learn the full technology stack and component list.
WebinspectorScan Scans the page you are on for a number of threats, risks as well as technology.
Webutation Check Check the web reputation of the site you are currently visiting with this tool.
Shows a number of parameters as well as a ranking.
DownRightNow? Is the site down right now? What's up?
Also shows a history of the site's outages and their frequency!
WaybackMachine The Wayback Machine is the famous, Internet Archive!
See older snapshots of the page you are on - sometimes find removed files!
Google/SEO Bookmarklets
SeeMetaInfo Instantly shows meta information about the current site in an on-page iFrame.
Site-Analyzer Site analysis tool.
SocialMetaTagTester Test the OG: meta tags.
OG (Open Graph) meta tags made meta tags great again (thank you Facebook!)
GoogleSiteSearch Search the current site via Google.
Google's search is often better than the local site search!
ShowLinkedSites Who links here?
ViewBacklinks Check out the backlinks for the current page.
Show LinksDisplay all outbound links on the page.
A popup will display all the links in HTML
ExtractEmailsExtracts all emails on the current page.
Extracts all emails and displays them in a popup iFrame (enable popups!)
ShowTitleShows the pages <TITLE> tag(s) in an alert.
Also checks if there is a title class and displays it.
FindBizListingsbyName Highlight a business name you find on the web,
Click this and see the business listing!
FindBizListingsby# Highlight a phone number you find on the web,
Click this and see the business listing! Website SEO analysis & review tools
Font/Image Bookmarklets
WebFonter Cool tool lets you tweak the fonts you use right on a live page!
Experiment with sizes, font-faces and more while live!
WhatFont? Identifies the font on a page.
Just highlight some text and it will tell you the name of the font!
Make Selection Lowercase Select some text, click this to make it lower case.
ShowTheImages Shows just the page's images.
Will even show hidden images as well as pulling them out of a slider/rotator.
Get Image Data(Exif) Retrieves the EXIF & XMP data from pictures.
Get data such as location, type of camera - all exif or XMP meta data from an image.
ShowImagesOnPage Shows all images that appear on the page you are visiting.
Removes everything but the images!
ImageComboImage Combo Tool
One tool will reverse image search in Bing, Tineye or Google as well as extract EXIF data
HTML/CSS/JS Bookmarklets
W3C HTML Validator Check the page to see if the HTML is valid.
Uncover errors and warnings.
HTML_CodeSniffer Just highlight something on the page you are on and click this bookmarklet.
It will display the full HTML for what you've highlighted!
GrayscaleConverts the entire page to grayscale.
Toggles the page color on and off.
ChangeForm2Get Changes the method from post to Get for all of the forms on the page.
You can then see what is being sent to the remote server.
DropDown2Textlist Converts drop down lists on the page to pure text lists.
Reveals all of the contents of a dropdown to see it all at a glance.
ShowHiddenFields Reveals hidden fields on a webpage.
Find things like tokens, etc
CreateLink2ThisPage Create a link to the current page
Selected Content only
Selected HTML source Selected HTML Souce
Select some block of content on the page, click and see the HTML source code.
Selected CSS Source
Selection+URL Selection plus the URL where you found it.
Highlight some text and this will copy it to your clipboard along with the URL.
Inject StyleSheetInject CSS into site
Simply replace the CSS/URL in this script with the StyleSheet you want to use.
Inject CSSInject CSS rule(s)
Inject new CSS rule into current document.
Inject JQueryInject JQuery into the site.
If you want to create a bookmarklet of your own that needs JQuery... start here!
Last Modified DateLast Modified Date
Click this to see the last modified date from the server
Zap ImagesZap all of the images on a page.
Regex Search
Edit Website Allows you to edit the text on the webpage.
ASCIIPops up an ASCII Reference Table
This also works as a button - click the button to the left to see.
ColorsPops up a palette of web-safe colors.
As above, click on the button for a demo, or drag it to your bookmarks.
ResizeFormsMakes all form fields on the page resizable.
Isn't it annoying when you can't see the full text in the input field? This fixes it!
Other Bookmarklets
TranslateHighlight a word on any webpage, then click this to translate it!
This will identify the language and translate into English.
Reverse Phone SearchHighlight a phone number on any webpage, then click this to look it up!
This will do a reverse phone number search!
Surname LookupThis will identify the highlighted surname.
See the locations in the USA where they live!
Find Coupon Find a coupon code and get a discount.
Click to find coupon codes for the site you are on.
Currency ConverterConvert to US Dollars
Highlight an amount with the currency symbol and it will convert it to US Dollars.
PopUp Video
👁Show Password This will reveal any pre-filled password fields.
Converts passwords to text ***** → Pa$sW0rD123
🔓Password RevealerShows hidden passwords in an iFrame alert.
Another script similar to the one above. Also works on IE.
Whitelist Bookmarklet v2Whitelist the page you are on.
Dictionary LookupLooks up the selected word in the dictionary.
Now tweaked to open in a new tab.
ThesaurusLook up the selected word in the thesaurus.
LinkedInApproverBulk approver for managers of LinkedIn Groups
Bulk approves every applicant to a group - beware of spammers!
CheckGZIPcompression Host appears to be offline...
This bookmarklet relied upon a web service which appears to be discontinued...
👋 TuneInJSON Grab
⇓ TuneIn MP3 Stream


Use the first button to get the JSON page,
the second button grabs the MP3 stream.
Grab an MP3 stream from any TuneIn station.
TuneIn MP3 Grab Grab the MP3 from a TuneIn radio station
This one works - you can try to fix the upper two... :)


TextToolTextTool - Flip text, Strikethrough, Bold, Italics, wingdings...
Create all kinds of text effects for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc.
LinearizeLinearize the page.
Show AnchorsShow anchor tags.
Toggle CheckboxesToggle all of the checkboxes on the page.
This will check or uncheck all checkboxes
Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet
Clicking this bookmarklet toggles a cheatsheet - replace with any image.
DoubleCheatSheetDouble Cheat Sheet - Two cheat sheets in one.
Two Regex Cheat Sheets in one bookmarklet. Replace with your own!
WordModeWord Mode - Gives you the "mode" for a page(word);
What are the top 10 words that most commonly appear on the current page.
WordModeWord Mode 2 - Gives you the "mode" for a page(word);
Displays the top 20 words to appear on the current page in a popup modal window.
WordCountWord Count
Alerts the number of words on the current page.
CountElementsHTML Element Count
Counts how many links, images, forms and scripts are on the page.
TravoltaWTF?!Travolta WTF?!?
Puts a puzzled and lost looking John Travolta on the page making his famous WTF (from Pulp-Fiction)


FormHackerForm Manipulation Toolkit - Does more than 10 operations to optimize forms... :)
Dynamically opens a toolbar on the current page with a variety of form tools.
Remove MaxlengthRemove Maxlength
Removes the maximum length for a form field. Have a field that's too short? Click & Fix!
Toggle All CheckboxesToggle All checkboxes.
Toggle all of the checkboxes on a page with a single click.
UndisableUndisable. Undisables a disabled field.
This one is good if a field disabled and you want to answer.
Allow No OptionAllow No Option
Allows no option if you don't like any of the choices!
RadioUncheckUnchecks radio buttons. Click the one you want to unclick & highlight.
Inconsistent - you may need to tweak the code for various radio-buttons. :)
UnRequireUn-Require. Removes required from a required input field.
Don't want to answer a required field? (Age, desired salary...). Click it!
UnSelectUnselect all Radio Buttons
Unselects all of them.
ResizeFormsMakes all form fields and textareas on the page resizable.
Isn't it annoying when you can't see the full text in the input field? This fixes it!