Looking for centralized and economical data transfer solutions for the oil and gas industry? Loop Telecom has you covered!
As large companies grow, they increasingly need more dedicated internal infrastructure to communicate with their machines across large factories and between remote sites.
Loop Telecom provides products suited to the harsh environments that come with oil and gas industry stations, with the ability to conduct high speed data transfer between data-hungry devices as well as industrial casing to survive harsh temperatures. Our devices allow you to connect all of your SCADA devices together and monitor from a central office.


An oil & gas energy corporation in Southeast Asia has selected Loop Telecom’s products to construct a STM-16 ring topology for their infrastructure. The goal is to build a core network transmission as a backbone which provides high speed services such as E1 and Ethernet connectivity.
These services will be used to support functions such as: CCTV and communication systems (IP phone, paging, and access control), connecting to existing communications backbones with increased bandwidth requirement, and Low-speed services such as Voice/Data multi services to support SCADA-RTU, etc.
STM-16 Network Diagram


Loop Telecom offers a hybrid Loop-O9500R STM-16 one-box solution, which is a cost-effective hybrid solution that supports traditional TDM (PDH+SDH) to cater the existing pre-dominantly PDH-based communication network (e.g. Ethernet SCADA-RTU, Voice/Data Services.)
Loop-O9500R is a hybrid core network product solution which supports High Speed platforms. These platforms reliably support E1/T1 and EoS to carry large hauls of Ethernet Traffic over SDH (EoS) Network for faster data-switching and MPLS-TP, and makes it easy to migrate to Packet Transport Network in future applications.
Loop also provides an iNET (EMS) management system to make remote access monitoring even easier and hassle-free.
The Loop-O9500R IMAP (Integrated Multi-Services Access Platform) is an economical integrated solution supporting PDH/SDH/SONET/PTN simultaneously on the same platform.
Loop Telecom's E1/T1 Interface Card is a software selectable plug-in module with 16 E1/T1 per port and a choice of 16, 32, or 63 ports per card.
For more information about Loop Telecom's products and how they can be of use to your oil and gas projects, please visit us at our website below! We look forward to working with you.
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