Congratulations !

You have been selected on behalf of your organization as the winner of Alation’s Data Radicals Award in the category of Data Radical. The Data Radical award is presented to customers that are Alation's best advocate and best represents Alation to the world. This is a recognition of the amazing work that you’ve been doing with Alation. You have been selected because of your need to get things done.

What This Means –
We would love for you to join us VIRTUALLY at Alation’s Company Kick-Off (CKO) on Tuesday, February 15th from 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM PT to accept your award. We’d also like to publicly announce you and your company as a winner via social media and write a press release that will detail the reason for your win.

Next Steps –
Please confirm by Friday, January 21st if you will be able to accept the award. As a token of our appreciation, if you are able to receive a gift, we would like to send you a curated box of a few assorted items. If not, we will donate to a charity of your choice, in your name. 

If YES, please share with us your jacket size and the address where you would like to receive the gift and your award.

Details –
We ask that you create a pre-recorded (approximately 1-min) acceptance speech. After all of the awards are presented, we would love to have you join us for a panel discussion with the other winners. We will schedule a rehearsal for the awards in the weeks leading up to February 15th. 

Congratulations again! And thank you for being a part of the Alation family.

The Alation Team