Amaan Dhanani's Coded Games


As a young person, I had always had an idea of cresting of developing something of my own. I decided to take coding Lessons on MIT APP Inventor and Scratch. At the end of 7th grade, I decided that I had a new passion for coding. I decided to take the Introduction To Game Design and Coding course that was provided in my middle school at the time. During the 8th grade, I learned how to create simple games on GameSalad using some knowledge of code. Below are some games that I have created during this time.

Wizard Run

This is the first game that I have ever created in GameSalad using tutorials, but most of the scenes were made by me. This is a short game that I really want to update in the future to make it more complicated, but my academic opportunities have increased, which gives me less time.

Level 1: The controls are the right/left arrow keys and space. Dragons kill you. If there's a bug, press R to restart the level.
Level 2: It's okay to go off the screen, you will come back when moving the opposite direction.
Level 3: There are multiple things that are traps and fake objects in the level that are misleading. Green Walls kill you.
Level 4: Watch for tiny objects!

Monster Maze

Very easy game made after Wizard Run! The controls are the arrow keys. Easier than any game. Last level is hard. Press two control keys to move diagonally without dying on Level 4! After Level 4, there will be a very nice animation at the end!

Amaan Dhanani TANKS Game

This is a awesome game that was created entirely by the one and only, Amaan Dhanani! This is a multiplayer game, you need a partner to play this game. The instuctions are very long, but the game is awesome. There are several bugs, though. I am planning to update the game a little bit by adding sounds to make the game better.


Now you got the chance to see my website coding ability and my cool games!