It is assumed you can have a figure you desire with just exercise. But, your diet will play a big role to get you where you want to be. Muscles can't grow without the right food. Fat doesn't go away continuing the same diet. The correct diet can be tricky, I am able to guide you with the proper nutrition based on your body type, gender, age, activity levels, and goals. I can assist in fat loss, maintaining weight and musele gaining. I am able to guide you to healthier eating habits. I provide some of my personal favorite recipes, A personalized nutrition plan starts with observing eating behaviors then moving on to personalized macro tracking


Corrective Exercise Specialist

In my role as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, I have the opportunity to observe dysfunctional movement patterns. As a result, I am able to identify areas that may require more strength and mobility. I can relieve pains such as pain in the shoulders, back, and knees. With my help, you can restore joint mobility, strengthen under -active museles, perfect your form, and stop over-active museles from taking over! This is important when having trouble growing certain muscles that just will not grow! I will guarantee you're working your muscles and not compensating when lifting weights. Compensating is damaging to your ligaments and tendons pulling them in directions they shouldn't move to be able to lift the weight you are attempting. Since most people have similar weaknesses the order of my exercise selections ensures no muscle is left behind. Still need further assistance? Email me for a personalized guide that can best fit your body.


Glute Specialist

It is common to train glutes for aesthetic reasons. Even if you think you can't grow glutes you can. I can help you achieve the aesthetic shape vou desire. A strong, athletic, and balanced movement is based on strong, balanced glutes. My Glute Specialist skills enable me to strengthen and activate glutes that are under-active. Do you workout your glutes but, not feel your workouts in your glutes? Do you feel glute workouts in multiple places like your glutes and your hamstring or quad? Then, you need me. I will wake up your glutes so they can begin to grow and give you more powerful workouts that actuall build specifically glutes. By strengthening glutes, knee pain and back pain can be reduced or prevented, and power and athletic performance can be enhanced. I know the top glute exercises, how to hit all muscle groups, how to activate, lift and grow the glutes. I know the secrets to the correct angles, foot placement, exercise order, and exercises to ensure your glutes grow.

Bodybuilding Specialist

As a proud bodybuilding specialist my goal is to help people improve their figure. I focus on helping you achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance. I can help you obtain a figure that is well balanced, and equal. For example, your arms will match your legs your chest will match your shoulders. I can easily see what needs to be improved and help work with and imbalances. I can assist with gaining muscle mass by selecting the best exercises to guarantee damaged muscle fibers. My guides are designed for you to hit all muscle groups. I know the secret to how much exercise your muscles can withstand to make sure you're pushing yourself to maximum muscle growth. Even more importantly I know when your body needs a break. This is why my programs are the perfect length and use periodization making sure you are not over working your central nervous system and limiting your potential for muscle gain and strength.