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Apr. 2021

Wincomm Leading C1D2 ATEx Full IP Stainless Steel Panel PC Provider

Wincomm industrial-grade stainless steel panel PC series are built to suit for challenging environments, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure safety and top performance.

It helps to keep that the figures of diagnosis equipment is accurate by minimum of electromagnetic interference.
Wincomm WTPE series for Gas & Oil Industries Using in Hazardous Area
Wincomm, a leading medical and industrial computer provider, announced Explosion Proof Panel PC, WTPE series, built to suit for hazardous environments, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure safety and top performance, and offering the best solution for environments with explosion considerations.
It eliminate the potential of shock hazard to patients and operators.Especially for vulnerable patients, it is necessary to treat carefully. The PC needs to be more reliable as well.
Wincomm Launched Full IP66/67/69K Whiskey Lake CPU Platform Stainless Panel PC 
Wincomm announced the newest Intel 8th Generation Whiskey Lake IP66/67/69K Stainless Steel Touch Panel PC WTP-9G66 series ranging from 15”, 19”, 22”, to 24”, ready for food processing and pharmaceutical applications.

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