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{{organisation[label]}} provides a curated selection of vetted sustainable, animal-free deals for qualified investors.

You have been identified by our team as an investor interested in sustainable and impact investing, whose activity closely corresponds to the companies that we select for fundraising.

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Unlike our matchmaking service on Beyond Animal app, the deal room is open only by invitation to a selected group of businesses and investors.

As a deal room user you

    • can engage with a select number of companies who are operating their fundraise through Beyond Animal.

    • review a full pack of information on each deal enabling you to swiftly and easily undertake your due diligence.

    • view the progress of a deal to completion and know exactly the level of commitments that are being made by other investors.

    • review deal documentation, make commitments and securely sign electronically

    • keep track and stay informed about all details of your investments via the portfolio management tool.

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