1. Keyboard Shortcuts

The interactive debugger contains the following keyboard shortcuts:

Control-Z: Undo last change

Control-Y: Redo last change

Control-X: Cut selected text to clipboard

Control-C: Copy selected text to clipboard

Control-V: Paste clipboard text

Control-Arrow: Navigate to the adjacent execution node

2. Breakpoints

To set a breakpoint, place an exclamation mark (!) at the beginning of a line. When a breakpoint is set, the program will be paused before that line is executed, allowing you to easily debug code that would be too tedious to step through one instruction at a time.

!ADD ACC The program will be paused before this instruction is executed.

Note: The Random Access Memory Node is not yet available in standard Tessellated Intelligence System devices. Emulators and prototype hardware are available to interested users. The specification and behavior is not yet finalized and therefore is omitted from this document.

I wrote this page to try to replicate the look of the reference manual for the TIS-100 video game by Zachtronics. I think I succeeded for the most part. Of course, the fonts are not customised to match the ones in the manual, I just decided to use sans-serif, serif, and monospace styles of the default font used by the viewer's browser. The fonts used in the manual are:

I might use this style for the next paper I write, or even for a personal website. It's clean and neat; oldschool, but not without taste, still looking serious, professional. It's not just thematic.